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Every once in a while, you need to do a pulse check on your car. We do inspections once a year or so, depending on your state, but between inspections there are checks you need to make on your car to ensure it’s running smoothly and being well kept. Cars are made of so many parts, any one of them can malfunction at any time. You can be prepared with routine checks.

You don’t need a full inspection of your car every time you go into the shop, but there are certain aspects that need to be checked on more often than others. You’d be surprised how much wear a car can endure before a light comes on or you notice a problem in performance. Don’t let it get to that point.

Below are five checks you should be doing routinely to make sure your car continues to run smoothly.

Oil Check

This one is obvious, and your car will likely alert you when the time comes. But your auto shop should also give you a mileage to get your oil checked at, whether your light comes on or not. The motor oil lubricates the moving parts in your car, protects it against debris, keeps the engine from overheating, reduces damage, and a lot more. That’s why it needs to be monitored and replenished as soon as it’s time.

Tire Pressure and Tread

Your tire pressure gauges may not always be accurate and fluctuations in weather can cause tire pressure to drop without much warning. Check your tire pressure often to ensure you don’t have a slow leak. You should also make sure your tread is in good shape so it does not become a hazard during inclement weather. It’s also a good idea to periodically rotate your tires.

Air Filters

The air filters in your car run through the engine and provide clean air to your car. It’s a no brainer they need to be properly maintained and cleaned. If your air filter is malfunctioning, it can be a fuel usage problem.

Lights and Signals

You don’t want to go to turn your car on one night and find your headlights out. You also don’t want to be in a traffic stop for a taillight being out. Check them regularly and change the bulbs based on their performance the expectancy you get from your auto shop. This is incredibly important for brake and turn signals.


This may sound like a luxury but waxing your car after a cleaning can help protect your paint job and make it more resistant to damage from debris. Even small irritants like dust, road salt, and sand can wear down the paint and before you know it the paint is wearing off. My favorite Wash and Wax product is Mothers California Gold. Cleans, shines, & protects your car. Just use one once per gallon of water when you wash your vehicle.

New Car Paint Protection: A shield of spray on clear coat adds protection to the paint job before you take your new vehicle home. It protects your new car from bird droppings, chips, and tree sap. The polymer paint sealants go right on over the paint. It is not recommended you do this yourself, due to the strong chemicals that are applied. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, or you have a long daily commute it’s a good idea to add the extra protection.

Related Questions

How often should I check my transmission?

Transmission is more of a long-term checkup. Once it’s been looked at and checked off, it’s usually good for a while.

How often should I change my windshield wipers?

This is a good thing to do seasonally since different seasons will wear on your wipers more than others. It’s good to get it done after winter and at the end of summer.

Batteries: Here in Michigan, we know that the Battery will die when its cold and your starting the motor early in the morning. Make sure the battery is tested in the fall.

Spare Tire: Make sure you have a spare for your vehicle and any trailer or recreational vehicles. How many times do you see a trailer on the highway sitting there without a car, and missing a tire? You do not want to have to deal with not having a spare. And do make sure to have your trailer axel’s ball bearings greased. They can heat up and cause considerable damage from neglect.

Keeping your car in check will bring you peace of mind knowing its safe and dependable as well as keeping costly repairs at bay. Summer travel is around the corner, so the Spring season is a smart time to be car aware. It is also a great time to review your car insurance options to ensure your coverage meets your needs.

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