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Janitorial/Custodial Safety

From our friends at Accident Fund:

Janitorial/custodial workers play a key role in keeping the workplace operating safely. As they work to keep other employees and visitors safe, they often come into contact with hazards that increase their risk of injuries from slips/falls, material handling and chemical exposures. There are steps employer’s can take and general guidelines janitorial/custodial workers should follow to prevent unnecessary injuries.

General Janitorial and Custodial Safety Rules

• Do not obstruct exit pathways such as hallways or stairs.

• Use caution when mopping floors – use signage to mark wet/slippery floors. Also avoid upper torso twisting motions.

• Do not use chemicals that you have not been properly trained to use.

• Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to understand the cleaning chemicals being used.

• Do not store flammable or combustible materials by boilers or other heat sources.

• Use care and proper handling techniques when dealing with hazardous trash such as broken glass, wires, rusty metals, etc.

• To move a load when your hands are full, use a cart and keep the load light. Never let a load obstruct your vision when traveling in hallways or stairways.

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