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There are plenty of reasons to have life insurance when you reach a certain age or encounter certain life events. You may think it’s not for you or fear it’s too expensive or even think it’s not worth it insuring for something that’s incredibly unlikely to happen. But life happens all the time and you never know what is coming around the corner.

You need to make sure the people you leave behind are protected if they depend on you, which means you need life insurance.

Life insurance isn’t for you, it’s for all those you leave behind. If someone relies on you for any sort of monetary support, you need life insurance to ensure they’re taken care of in the event of your death. Otherwise, they may be left not only on their own, but saddled with the huge bills of funeral costs.

Below are 5 big life moments that let you know it’s time for life insurance.

A New Baby

As soon as you and your partner decide you want to start having kids, it’s time to get life insurance. Even if the baby is a year off, the sooner you get it the better. Why is this? Because the older you get the more it will cost you as your health declines with age. While a year may not seem like much, in the life insurance world there is a big difference between 29 and 30.


If you and your partner decide it’s time to get married, you need life insurance, especially if you’re the main earner in the relationship. A life insurance policy ensures your partner, despite their own paycheck, will be able to receive comparable money to what you provide after your death to help with cost of living, funeral costs, and more.

You Have Dependents

Most people think of kids when they think of dependents, but many young adults are the breadwinners for their aging or otherwise infirm parents. Even if you’re not in a relationship or have no kids, if your parents rely on you for money or support, you need to protect them in the event of your death.


When you die, the benefactors of your funds and estate also inherit your debt. Even if no one will lose financial resources with your death, someone is going to be footing the bill for private student loans, mortgages, and other debts that are not forgiven upon death. Life insurance can be the key to doing this.

You Work a High-Risk Job

While an accountant or stockbroker may only have to worry about the dangers of the morning commute when it comes to their job, some such as police officers, EMTs, construction workers, and miners work high risk jobs with a stronger likelihood of an unforeseen accident. This can make life insurance expensive but is important to have for those you leave behind.

Related Questions

Are there other factors that play into life insurance?

If you regularly participate in a high-risk activity or hobby, such as skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, or other extreme sport, you might want to consider getting life insurance.

What does life insurance cover?

That depends on the plan you select. Most will have a set amount that is paid out to your dependents, some are based on your current earnings, and some allow for disability riders. You need to shop plans to find the one right for you.

Talk to an insurance professional to find out more about how life insurance can benefit your loved ones.

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